Here are my top 5 items, in no particular order, that I think everyone should have.

Lint Roller

To make sure your clothes look good you have to have a lint roller. A lint roller helps remove those fuzzy bits off clothing. I highly recommend! There are tons of variations too! From big ones to small ones and travel size. I always have at least one in my general vicinity.

True story, I once used a lint roller to clean my office chair and a carpet. Multi-purpose for the win!

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Sewing kit

I’m lucky that I have a mom who loves sewing and I can pilfer her sewing items. If you plan on getting some simple sewing items, of course, get a sewing needle, and white thread or a thread colour you can see yourself using often like blue for jeans.

Of course, you would need some basic hand sewing skills, but I think personally, everyone can pick up sewing. With youtube, it is very doable to teach yourself. Some of the must learn sewing skills in my personal opinion are:

  • How to thread a needle
  • How to make a knot
  • Sewing a tear/rip
  • Sewing a button
  • How to make a buttonhole
  • Hemming

Not in any particular order and of course, some are common sense, but it doesn’t hurt to put them on. Let me know if there are any other basic sewing skills one should have. I look forward to learning more sewing and I can’t wait one day to sew my first outfit!

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Stain Remover

I’m such a klutz and unfortunately have gotten stains on myself, so I use Tide to Go. It’s a little helpful tool to have, but it does dry out. So, I would recommend having this on special occasions at the least.

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Measuring tape

Measuring tapes are not just for sewing or crafts. If you shop online a lot, I definitely recommend getting one. A lot of online websites have size charts where you can use to know which size you are.

You would think that by now the fashion industry would get together and standardize sizing, so you would know what is a small, medium, large, extra large and so on. Nope, not the case at all and don’t get me ranting about vanity sizing but that’s another post for another day.

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A good hanger

Of course, this is something you can get later when you have more disposable income as this is a luxury, not a necessity. When I was younger, I just took whatever hanger I can get my hands on and not really thinking about the effect the hanger has on my clothes.

Here are some essential things I think one should look for in buying a good hanger:

  • Length of the hanger actually fits your shoulder: This is important as you don’t want to stretch our your clothing and ruin them.
  • Little hooks: This is for tanks tops and thin strips on perhaps dresses. It doesn’t hurt to have them on all your hangers and it is helpful in ensuring your clothes don’t slip out.
  • Different hangers for bottoms and tops/dresses: It’s okay to kind of skip out on this if your pants are the stretchy kind, but I definitely on the using the appropriate hangers for the appropriate types of clothing. If you use top hangers for bottoms it will stretch them out.  Bottom hangers have “clamps”, which will help them keep their shape and stay on the hanger too.
  • Material: I prefer ones that don’t have sharp edges, but that’s just a preference. I find most materials okay, I prefer plastic as they are lightweight and wood is a good durable material.
  • Non-slip guards: If you tend to wear very silky-like fabrics it’s good to have a couple so they won’t slip off the hanger.

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Let me know what every little item you use for fashion, clothes, beauty, etc that you think everyone needs. Let me know in the comments!

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