Reddit is one of my favourite all-time websites! It’s daunting at first, but once you understand it is a boon to anyone.

Reddit you can think of one big forum with my subforums, known as subreddits that comprises different topics. It allows for discussions, many different viewpoints, and a way to connect to many new things.

If you are into fashion and beauty below are some of my favourite subreddits to peruse frequently or from time to time.


This helped immensely, from inspiring looks, helping me learn makeup, great discussions, and a has a great community. This is one place I would recommend to start your makeup journey.

Although I don’t do anything with my nails, I just love going to this subreddit for the amazing nail art people do. So stunning, and jaw-dropping the talent in there.

Living in the west, I haven’t gotten much exposure to the Asian beauty scene. Being Asian myself, I started to seek out Asian beauty.

I have learned a lot from SkincareAddiction, it opens my eyes to what goes into taking care of skin.

As I get older, well, my skin has changed and needs to change. It’s great to have a community-specific for my experience.


This subreddit has helped me learn about fashion. It’s crazy to me how little I know about the world, and how much information is out there to learn.

It’s crazy how much should have been common sense to me, wasn’t it? As the title of the subreddit states, it helps women understand their body more and help women know what Bra they need.

Although, I am not male I love visiting this subreddit just to see the looks people put together. I enjoy seeing the looks put together from both sides. Male fashion is not boring, this subreddit is just proof of that.

I love looking at great photography. Especially when it incorporates fashion. This subreddit posts and becomes a repository of the many different editorials, fashion photography, and more! It always makes me a bit sad that I will never get to see and enjoy the many artworks in the world because there are just so many. But I enjoy the slice that I get.

It amazes me how many talented people there are in the world. I could never measure up to them, but I still love looking at their creation and skill in practice. One day maybe I’ll get real serious about sewing, but in the meanwhile, I’ll just gaze adoringly at this subreddit.

Again, amazing talent and creativity here. Leather is one of those materials I never knew how much work, and skill it requires to make. Much more than I thought. This subreddit deserves a once-over.

Let me know what are your favorite subreddits, I love to hear them as I’m always looking to add to my collection.

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