Overtime or all at once you might find yourself in possession of multiple gift credit cards. The problem with this is that you cannot combine them, especially in online purchases. Since they only allow one credit card to be used. There are a few creative ways to get around this problem.

1.Buy E-Gift Cards

If the online store allows you to, buy the e-gift card in the exact amount as the e-gift credit card. You can you multiple gift cards at once. Or combine the gift card with your credit card to get the maximum amount out of the e-gift credit card. Or you can buy a gift card to combine with the e-gift credit card to get you over a certain amount.

2. Ask to combine e-gift cards in person

Don’t be afraid when you are going into a retailer and ask to put a certain amount on the e-gift credit card. Say you got 3 $50 gift cards, as the cashier to charge the total in 3 $50 increments. They should be able to do that.

3. Ask the online retailer to combine the e-gift cards

Some online retailers may be able to manually combine the e-gift cards, just shoot them an email via their customer service. You may never know! It’s better to find out and ask instead of just wondering.

Tips: Make sure you buy the right e-gift cards, some charge a maintenance fee. So check carefully on the back about the rules regarding the card.

Personal Opinion: I do appreciate the value and usage of e-gift credit cards. I use to give them out but I realized they are restricting for the reason I mention above and the fact you do not get points from them.

I much rather get cash but I understand why you would give them out. There has usage as a gift to give to minors who do not have their credit card and want to buy something online and cannot because they don’t have a credit card. But of course, accept all gifts with a welcoming heart as that may be all they have to give. I’ll never turn down an e-gift credit card.

I hope that helps! Let me know about your feelings regarding e-gift credit cards and which ones you’d recommend!

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