I’ve shopped … a lot. I’m not proud of it. It’s a guilty pleasure, but over the years I’ve developed some preferences for packaging. These are my personal preferences and yours may differ, but I thought I share! I find, with better packaging your experience of the product is enhanced.

Foundation/ Moisturizers

  • Clear: In general, I like my bottle to be clear so I can keep track how much I am going through and when I should order to replace it.
  • Pumps: I’m partial to pumps as it allows me to more finely control how much foundation/moisturizers  comes out.
  • Slim: Slimmer bottles over thicker bottles. I travel a bit, and I prefer to have slim bottles to better pack as it won’t overcrowd the space in my bags.


  • Less colours: Over time, I find that I only really use a few colours. I try to find eyeshadow palette with 5 or fewer colours. This allows for higher quality, and this means they tend to be smaller and I can also pack it in my makeup kit when I travel or go out.
  • Applicator: It’s great when I find one with an applicator. This goes for blushes too. Again, helps when you are on the go and can’t have your bag packed with too many items. It’s not an essential item per se as there are certain brushes needed to get certain looks. But it doesn’t hurt!
  • Pots:  I don’t mind palettes, but I do prefer pots when I can get them. They screw on and are more secure. Thus, they are less prone to spilling in your bag and in general, but I do enjoy a pallette.

Body Lotions

  • Pots/Jars: I tend to like pots the most as they are easy to get every bit out.


  • Pumps: Again, it helps with control and easy for me when I’m in the shower as to not fumble around when the water is in my eyes.
  • Jumbo Sizes: I tend to get jumbo sizes, as they are usually better bang for your buck and I use it everyday so I don’t want to go running to buy it everytime.

This is a side note, but get samples! They are great for travelling and you don’t have to break the bank in getting the things you need.

Let me know what you look for in packaging when a product is in the comments below!

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