To me, the lips are such an alluring part of the face. Below are the basic lip looks you can try!


Usually done with two colours, Ombres gives an extra dimension to the lips.


Similar to an ombre, but more natural. It starts with the darker shade inwards and the lighter shade outwards. Where Ombres could go either way.


Matte lips are made to not reflect light or be shiny. They give a much more bold and powerful look. Usually, it’s liquid lipstick.


The shinier the better. Gloss makes the lips look dewy, and much more plump.


Not as shiny as gloss, but they have a metallic sheen to them. It is a strong look.


Sparkling, bright, and fun. It looks like the stars were poured on your lips.

Sometimes these looks can be mixed to create even different lip looks. I urge you to try them out sometimes, it’s quite fun to do something new on a small scale.

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