Take some time to smell the roses, or in this case, see the roses.

Although I prefer functional packaging over simple aesthetics. Some made me die with how beautiful and aesthetically pleasing they are. Especially the rose beauty products/packaging. Here is my round-up of the most beautiful rose beauty items.

Japanese Rose Cleanser Pump

This Rose Soap Cleanser is quite mesmerizing. You may end up using more products than you need! You can buy some at Amazon.com, their official site, and Airfrov.

Lancôme Rose Blush/Highlighter

This highlighter and the blush if you can find it! Is so delicate and pretty. You can buy it on their official Lancôme site.

Les Merveilleuses De Laduree Face Color

This blush is over the top and I just love it. It’s fancy and reminds me of the Palace of Versailles. With individual petals dusted with blush, it’s a luxury product indeed and one of the most expensive. Clocking in at over $100. You can buy it on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca or in France or Japan, and at BonBon.

Story book rose brushes

These brushes seem like they came out of a fairy tale. I would love them just for aesthetics around the house. You can buy it on their official website, Amazon.com and at Beauty Bay.

If there are any that I missed let me know! I just love collecting beautiful things.

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