Having your period is tough, after having many periods… here are a few tips and things that I found super helpful to manage and plan my period. This is all my personal experience and I hope it helps!

1. Period App

I used an app called “My Calendar” to track my period. It predicts when my next period will be (It gets pretty close). Calculates dates of ovulation, (low-high chance of pregnancy). It’s really helpful to know when to stock certain items. Mentally prepare me for my period. There are many out there so try some out and find which one suits you.

2. Know what is your period is like

Know your period. The Period App helps to get a better understanding of how long it usually lasts, how frequently you get it and if it’s regular.  What the period app doesn’t track is the type of flow (light, moderate, heavy), the consistency, the period symptoms you usually experience etc.

Knowing your period very well is helpful when you are going to see your doctor when anything changes. Also, it is a good indicator to know something is off in your life and need to get check out.

3. Have a stash ready

Having a good stock of tampons, pads or whatever you need at your house, your workplace and your bag. You never know when your period might come early or come late, even if you are tracking it. Mother nature does not give an eff. Also having a stash ready means you can also give it to others who are in need!

4. Try different products

… if you are up for it! There are many different products and brands, but the three main categories are:

Pads: It’s an absorbent item worn in the underwear usually for periods to absorb the blood from the vagina. Has to be removed and replaced every few hours.

Tampons: Are are an absorbent item which is inserted into the vagina and expands inside to absorb the blood. Has to remove and re-inserted every few hours.

Diva Cups/Period cup: Are single-use made of silicone and are inserted into the vagina. It has a bell shape and has to be emptied, rinsed and reinserted.

Each one has its pros and cons and ultimately it’s up to you if you want to try them out. I recommend trying them all to find which one suits you the best and in what situation. I use to be a pads girl all the way and the thought of sticking a tampon up there ick me out. I’ve since then changed my tune. I personally just use the thin pads liner but I largely use tampons. I quite like them as I have an active lifestyle and I found pads would hinder me.

5. Know what helps your cramps

Period cramps are one of the worst things! Many things can help manage the pain from Advil to a cup of warm tea. Figure out works for you so you can be prepare. For myself, when I can I make a cup of warm tea with milk and honey. I’ve stocked up on tea like you can’t imagine.

6. The excuse of having a period to be a bitch

Having your period does have the potential to make you more emotional but it does not give anyone carte blanche to be an awful person. I said it! Many people use it as an excuse, and it’s simply not. I’ll admit I get a bit grumpy and irritated but I have never become violent, abusive or cruel. If you know someone like this know it’s not their period making them like that. It’s just them.

Periods are sometimes bad, sometimes okay, and sometimes downright awful. Each experience is unique in its way but universally you got to treat yourself and take personal care in this area seriously.

Your health is always a priority. Let me know if any tips or tricks you have regarding periods. I would love to know them.

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