Youtube channels about fashion you must check out!

I love youtube, and it’s honestly like a rabbit hole. Where you can all in and be lost in the void that is Youtube. Here are a few of my personal favorite youtube channels that I enjoy from time to time.

Karolina Żebrowska

Historical fashion is her Jam. She critiques historically inaccurate costumes, or shows you which media got it right. She also goes deeper into each historical era, she is highly knowledgeable and adorable! Check her out!


Another channel focus on historical fashion. Here they do re-creations of how each era dressed. It really gives you a glimpse into how people lived back then and how the clothes they wore reflect the society and lives they lived.

Real Men Real Style

Although this channel is mainly aimed at males, as a women, I did not know much about male fashion. I strive to learn a bit more to help out the men in my life. He’s knowledgeable and charismatic indeed!

Smithsonian Channel

This one might seem out of left field but their vintage series are just lovely! The L.A. FROCK STARS  series have people come shop in their vintage clothing and gives a bit of history on it. Although the videos regarding the series is a bit over the place, the Smithsonian channel houses most of the videos.

I hope you enjoy these channels as much as I have! Leave me a youtube recommendation below! I love discovering new channels to binge!

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