Plastic Surgery TV shows for you to watch and binge

Plastic Surgery fascinates me and is a guilty pleasure to watch the transformations of people. Below is a list of my top 5 TV shows that revolve around Plastic Surgery.


We all know there is always some degree of danger in getting plastic surgery. Whether it is a bad job, infections, and even life threatening complications. This show luckily doesn’t get that dark, but it’s about people who have had “botched” plastic surgeries and the two surgeons on the show Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow help them.

The show shows the opposite, where often plastic surgery is about changing people to look better, Botched is about fixing people. These two plastic surgeons are really great people, they are personable, smart and have great chemistry together. The show also tugs at my heart strings and gave me a deeper look into plastic surgery. Not as a superficial, vain part of our world but it’s also a practice that helps people lives be better.


Okay, who doesn’t love to see bridezillas and plastic surgery mash up? This show have 12 brides compete for a change to win a plastic surgery makeover and their dream wedding. Yes, the premise is brilliant. I watched it when I was younger and live for the drama. Terry Dubrow is also there too!

Extreme Makeover

This show is so nostalgic. I use to watch with it my siblings way back in the day. The show focuses on two people who go through a “extreme makeover” to transform their appearance. What’s fascinating about the show is that you get to see the in between moments, such as post healing the mental state of the the patients and more. Sad to see the show has ended.

I want a Famous Face

This show was short lived but it was interesting nonetheless and it gives social commentary of the impact of celebrities on our society.


This is the a non-reality tv show, it is fictional and focuses on Dr. Sean McNamara and Dr. Christian Troy,they have different personalities and there is drama to be found. Be warned the series is graphic.

The Swan

Similar to “Extreme Makeover” where two women undergo a whole transformation together. The difference is that there is a final beauty pageant portion where one women is crowned “The Swan”. Dislike the pageant portion in my opinion, but it’s still a good show!

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