What is the undertone?

The undertone is the underlying colour that determines your skin complexion.  There are three general agree upon undertones:

  • Cool
  • Warm
  • Neutral

There is a fourth one that is debatable, and that is an olive undertone.

Why you should know?

Your undertone will affect which foundation will look best on you, which type of jewelry looks best on you, and which colours complement you the best. Check out the name of foundation, it will indicate undertone to help you match better.

How to figure it out?

  1. Vein Colour – If the veins tend to be blue or purple, it’s leaning towards a cool tone. If the veins tend to be green, then it’s warm. It’s in between it’s neutral.

  2. Silver or gold – If silver suits you then you are cool tone. If gold looks m omre glamourous, then warm is your tone. Either, you are neutral.

  3. Professional colour consultant – If you have a sephora near you, you can get a consultation or go to their classes! https://www.sephora.com/happening/home

My personal view

Of course, get the right foundation, and knowing your undertone will help determine that. I’m of two minds regarding colour and jewelry. Rock, that cool tone outfit, or the warm outfit despite being a different undertone.

If you are still unsure after the tests, ask the people around you. Do a general survey and people will more than often or not can nail down your undertone.

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