Most creative eyebrows

It never stops amazing me the creativity of people, they do things that I can never think about. Here are some of the most creative eyebrows! If you know a creative eyebrow that I didn’t put on my list, let me know.

Braided Eyebrows

Absolutely neat and subtle from faraway, but up close wow! Apparently though the images that are floating around are phtooshop, but I wouldn’t be surprise if someone pulls this off in real life!

Wavy Eyebrows

Although, I wouldn’t wear this for real life. Wavy eyebrows are a fun look for photoshoots!

Christmas tree

Definitely festive, and I would actually wear this for funsies for Christmas alongside a ugly sweater!

Glow in the dark Eyebrows

This is quite a striking look and would be great for photoshoots, unique and something I haven’t seen quite before.

Flower Power

I can’t believe how much I like this look. Sweet and seems quite unreal.


Bold, and in your face. I just love this look!

Glitter Eyebrows

More subtle than the gemstones on your eyebrows and very fun. I can see myself making my eyebrows sparkle!

Dyed Eyebrows

Match your hair! Dyed brows is something I can get behind!

If you are feeling curious you can find the total opposite, and find eyebrows that… are less than ideal to put it mildly. There is a subreddit called

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