My experience of Waxing vs Laser vs Electrolysis

My constant battle with hair removal has been ongoing throughout my life. I have tried many ways to get rid of it permanently, and I’m still not finished. I’m so hairy that it is embarrassing.  Although, I know that we should be proud of our natural bodies and that includes hair. My personal feelings are different, my hair on my body makes me uncomfortable and only removing it makes me feel at ease. 

I’m summarizing my feelings below:


Time: This is my go to in a pinch, I’m likely to find one close by and it’s great! It takes the shortest in my experience in getting rid of hair. Over the long run, it won’t permanently remove your hair. 

Cost: It is the cheapest of the three, and there is usually a two weeks  – a month (for me personally because I grow hair like my body has nothing else to do) till another waxing is needed. 

Effectiveness: It obviously doesn’t remove hair forever, but it does thin it out in the short term, but it had grown back to its original thickness in my case. 

Pain: It hurt a lot, but I grimace through the pain and it’s short so I just get it over. It’s overwhelming and I do cry out in pain.


Time: This one does take longer than waxing. Over time to get permanent hair removal you have to go back for multiple sessions. 

Cost: There is quite a lot of upfront costs. For a single session, it is the most expensive out of the three.

Effectiveness: It doesn’t seem to be the most effective for me. 

Pain: It’s in between the electrolysis and waxing. It’s also tough getting hair removed.


Time: Electrolysis takes the longest of all three. This is to be expected since they are removing hair one by one.

Cost: It is one of the most expensive of the three, but to me is worth every penny.

Effectiveness: I had to go back multiple sessions but eventually most of the hair was permanently removed on my armpits. I got a few stranglers after a few years but nothing major. If I had more money and time I would go back and get electrolysis on everywhere else.

Pain: For me it was the least painful, but since the session is long near the end I do sometimes feel the pain. Luckily everytime I went I was given a pain numbing cream. It definitely help in managing the pain.

If I had to recommend one it would be electrolysis if you can afford it, but each to one’s own. Here is to a happy hair free journey.

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