10 Unwritten rules of the girl code

There are some rules you just know being a girl, here are some I learnt and experience in my life and I hope they help you too!

  1. Have some menstruation products on you. You never know when a fellow girl will need one.
  2. If someone has something they can fix in 2 minute or less let them know.
  3. If you see a girl being harassed and you feel comfortable/brave pretend to be her friend and get her out of there. 
  4. Let a girl know if there is a creeper.
  5. If your girl is being cheated on, tell her.
  6. Compliment a girl if she is feeling down, or just in general. Compliments are lovely!
  7. Support your fellow girls if you can
  8. Do not try to set your fellow girl up unless she asks first
  9. Do not let your fellow friend drive drunk or go home alone drunk
  10. If you can lend your makeup to your fellow girlfriends

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