Create a Sim (CAS), is one of the best parts of The Sims. Creating one is always fun, and creative! I watch a lot of these challenges and thought I would compile a list of CAS Challenges you can do!


I classified these challenges are chance, as some choices are out of your control.

  • Ask your AI
    • Use a google random generator, ask Siri, Bixy, or Alexa to choose a random number between whatever number of choices you have or what options you have. For example, Siri, give me a random colour, give me a random hairstyle, etc and see what comes out!
  • Blindfold
    • Close your eyes, wear an actual blindfold, and then just click randomly
  • Generate a palette
    • Pallettes are a set of colours. There are many sites out there that can generate random ones for example,, just type it in google and you’ll bound to find one.
  • Instagram Voting
    • If you have sizable and engaged followers on Instagram or any other social media. Ask them to choose between two options and then whatever wins create your sims based on that.
  • Random Genetics
    • SIMS itself, has a small dice icon you can see to randomly choose your features. Have fun with it and it’s interesting to see what the final look.
  • Random Pinterest
    • You can have a Pinterest account or not, just type in for example eyes, and within the first few options choose one at random and base your SIMS off that.
  • Spin a wheel
    • Go to or any other wheel spinner generate and put options in there and then spin! See where it lands, you have your favourite options and are holding your breath to see the end result.
  • SIMS Interview quiz
    • In SIMS 4 there is a quiz you can complete at the beginning to determine how it would look. It’s based on the SIMS 4 hidden algorithm.
  • Toddler to Adult
    • Create your sim first as a toddler, and then age them up to see how they grow up!

Cast of Characters

These challenges ask you to create usually cast of characters based on a theme or concept! I find these fun because they allow you to insert your own imagination!

  • Zodiac
    • Use the 12 Zodiac signs are your inspiration.
  • Harry Potter
    • Who hasn’t heard of Harry potter? You can try to match as closely as possible to the movie cast, or how you imagine in their head. Add your own twist! Like Modern Harry Potter, or them as different houses, etc.
  • Games of thrones
    • Same as Harry potter, create the cast or do your own version of them.
  • Seasons
    • Do the four seasons, winter, fall, summer and spring. Interpret them anyway!
  • Pastel Sims/ Rainbow Sims
    • Each colour invokes a different feeling in people. Make a sim in one colour, and give them some personality. You can do even do them as a toddler, pastel, the primary colours, anything!
  • Vampires
    • Do your twist on vampires, I’ve seen pastel, steampunk, gothic, etc.
  • Witches
    • Just like vampires, interpret witches any way you want! The variety is endless
  • Mermaids
    • These lovely sea creatures deserve some spotlight.
  • Princesses
    • You can do the iconic Disney princesses or more obscure princesses. Do a twist like modernizing them, or reinventing their look.
  • Princes
    • Show some love for princes, just like the above suggestion, just go all out!
  • Sims Pack
    • There are many SIMS 4 packs that have a distinct feeling and style. Make some sims that embody that pack!
  • Planets
    • Do the 9 planets, damnit I will forever have 9 in my heart. Let them inspire you!
  • Gods and Goddesses
    • There are many mythologies that have such interesting gods and goddesses you can do sims for. Make sure it won’t offend anyone!
  • Decades
    • Each decade has a distinct style from victorian, Edwardian, regency, roaring twenties, etc you get the idea. Let those decades inspire you.
  • Styles
    • There are a whole bunch of styles that can inspire your sims. For example, rococo, steampunk, cyberpunk, and etc. Go crazy!
  • Fairies
    • Same as vampires, mermaids, and witches. These supernatural creatures are always fun to create.


These challenges require a bit of technical knowledge, not much and easy to figure out!

  • Make a Sim in 5 Min
    • Have a timer, and go! You can do different time increments. To do the best, it would you require to know the Sims cas system well.
  • Alpha vs Maxis
    • Requires knowledge on how to install CC. You can do the variation of CC vs no CC. CC is custom content, which you download and install on your computer. There are many tutorials online, it’s super easy.
  • Inverted
    • Choose an inverted setting on your monitor and create a Sim and see how it turns out!
  • Black and White
    • Turn your monitor to black and white, create a sim and then turn the colour back on when you are done to see if you nailed it.
  • Ugly to Beautiful
    • Requires access to the gallery, where you download any ugly sim and do your best to make them “beautiful”. Which is subjective! There are other names such as weird to beautiful etc. You can make it harder by imposing a time limit. Up to you!
  • Realism
    • Requires knowledge of how to install CC. Do your attempt to create a photorealistic Sim! It’s crazy what people can do.

That’s it for now folks! Go out and have fun on Sims! Let me know if I am missing any and I’ll add it. I’ll try to update this when I can.

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