There is a little interior designer or architect inside of us! I love watching and trying myself the myriad of SIMS build challenges out there. Stretch that creative muscle and start building.

Build Challenges

  • Recreation – There are creative simmers who create scary accurate recreation of famous places! It can be the castles in Disney films, apartment from friends, actual famous places and more. Recreate your favourite places.
  • Different colours – Similar to the CAS colour challenge. Do a pastel theme, rainbow, etc. The house should be the mono colour to keep within the challenge.
  • Size Challenge – There are small houses, tiny houses, and micro homes. These are determined by size, for example, they can only be a certain number of squares. There are people who do the extreme such as building a 2×2 home! You can also use a randomized to determine different room sizes.
  • Every Tiny Home is a _______ – You can make an overall theme for a community of tiny homes. For example, they can be different colours or different fandoms. Such as the different Harry Potter Houses, what kind of houses characters from your fandom or stories would live in, etc. Let your imagination go wild!
  • Every room is a _______ – Similar to the one above you can make every room a different colour, or a different pack, villain, princess, etc. For both of these challenges, you can randomize it or not! Up to you.
  • Value Challenges – You can build within a certain budget, or aim to make it as expensive as possible. Some examples are below:
    • Use a randomizer i.e Google to determine what the budget is for each room
    • Million Dollar home, apartment, tiny house, etc. It’s crazy that in real life a million dollars wouldn’t get you much for homes depending you live. In the SIMS, it’s amazing to not worry about the budget.
  • Shell Challenges – There a whole bunch on the gallery for you to try. You try to make a house using a unique shell these can be the following, or build rooms with specific shells. These can be:
    • Pokemon
    • Geometric Shape
    • Puzzle Shell
    • Actual Floor Plans
  • Monitor Challenges – Use your monitor to challenge yourself. Similar to the CAS challenges you and o
    • Inverted – Complete your build with your monitor inverted and see the end result!
    • Black and White –
  • Item Challenges – Interior designs are just as challenging as building the outside. You can force yourself to use only base games, items from a specific pack, etc.
    • Base game only
    • Items from a specific pack for each room
    • Randomizer to choose how many items you can have in a room
    • No CC, no debugging, no cheats
  • Timed Challenges – You can do this by room or by the entire house. Impose different time limits, from 1 min to 10 min. It’s always fun to set your heart racing.
  • SIMSception –

Let me know if I’m missing any! I hope this list helps you and you can enjoy SIMS even more.

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