Watching others play SIMS is an enjoyable pastime for me. The SIMS community is amazing, and the YouTubers make it more fun! Here my 10 ten list SIMMERS, in no particular order who I love.

James Turner

The dad of SIMS! He is the originator of the Random Packs Generator that so many Simmers use. He creates creative challenges, thinks outside the box, and is an OG. Known for his builds, he has claimed his place top Simmer for sure!


If James is the dad of SIMS. Deli is the mom of SIMS. She has such a heartwarming personality and makes you feel as cozy as she looks with her cup of tea. She does everything from build to challenges, and it is always a fun ride with her.


She is relatable and adorable. She fumbles a bit in her gameplay but it is so cute that I can’t help but smile. She makes me laugh and find myself nodding in agreement with her, like all the time! She does everything from builds to the gameplay.


She does it all in SIMS and does it with oomph! Her giggle is so infectious and giggle along with her. I love watching her play and she is definitely a trendsetter!


She is a bit crass, a bit loud, and so funny, she’ll make you snort out your drink. She’s the type of person I would love to go out and hang with. Highly recommend.

Clare Siobhán

She is so sweet that’s she is tooth ache inducing. Known for her amazing CAS, it’s crazy how creative she is! She’s personable and lets you see the vulnerable side of her. I adore her!


Her expressions are top notch! She goes for broke and I love her for that! She plays other games too, but is well known for her SIMS play! Check her out!

Kelsey Impicciche

She is part of BuzzFeed Multiplayer where she is best known for the 100 baby challenge! On Buzzfeed, she plays with celebrities, her friends, and other games. She cosplays, makes bad jokes, and is charming as heck! Check out her personal YouTube channel where you can get more Kelsey goodness instead of at Buzzfeed.


I love watching her build in SIMS. Her sense of style, creativity, and general calmness is nice to wind down with. She just has this sense of style and aesthetic that I find myself saying “I would to live there”.


I’m not sure if I can classify him as a Simmer, as he plays other games besides SIMS, but when he plays oh boy does he plays. He is breaking the game, he is going to the extremes, and he does it all in deadpan humour that you can’t help but enjoy.

If I am missing anyone please let me know!

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