I wrote about my favourite shows in general about sewing, crafting and fashion. However, I do have a taste for reality show competition. Designers, talent, and beautiful clothes. Without further ado, here are my top sewing competition shows in no particular order are:

1. Project Runway

Of course, this is the show people think about sewing and designing. The challenges are my favourite and I love Heidi and Tim! They are iconic. Also, there are other versions of the show. You will not run out of episodes to watch anytime soon.

I will never forget this look, the show after so many seasons still stands up.

2. Making the Cut

I love Heidi and Tim! They made the jump onto another show, Making the cut. Equally as good as Project Runway! It’s also on Amazon Prime. This scene with Naomi is rememberable.

4. The Hype

From the runway to the streets. The Hype looks at streetwear. Plus it’s on HBOMAX!

5. Next In Fashion

Netflix of course is not lacking in their own competitive fashion show. Next in Fashion is more wholesome, and the Hosted by Alexa Chung and Tan France who are loveable!

6. Great British Sewing Bee

The British can definitely stand on their own. Cute, quaint, and full of talent.

7. Design Genuis

A lower budget, but still fun! Also, you can watch it on youtube.

8. Try Guys (BONUS)

It’s not a show that is dedicated to sewing and fashion, but the guys do one-off competitions that are funny! See their episode on trying to sew pants without instructions.

Have fun watching!

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