I love art in all its various forms. Here are some shows where the adrenaline gets high and the art surprises. Here are my top five shows in no particular order.

Ink Master

Tattooing is highly challenging, and you cannot erase and fix your mistakes quickly. You are working on a human being which brings extra challenges. I love this show because of the different styles, ideas, and challenges brought to the show. It’s creative, and they tend to focus more on the tattoo than on the drama, although there are some.

Portrait Artist of the Year

In this show, artists have to do a live portrait painting. I can’t imagine the pressure of having people watch your every stroke! There is also a time limit which is even more stressful. The artists are quite the champs! I enjoy watching their process.

The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge

I adore Sandy Toksvig from QI, and she is in this show also! I’m amazed at the little details in creating miniatures. It’s magical! Like you can shrink yourself down and explore these worlds.

Good With Wood

It is hosted by the Adorable Mel Giedroyc, a favourite of mine from Taskmaster. My dad’s a carpenter. For me, it was a must-watch. I love watching how creativity is expressed in different mediums.

School of Chocolate

Amaury Guichon is a god with Chocolate. Seeing his videos of how he creates sculptures of chocolate and creative desserts makes my jaw drop. In this show, he teaches and pushes his contestants to be creative.

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