I’ve found it interesting that many simmers create these fake trailers for SIMS 5 for views, jokes, or to show what they want for the iteration. They are clickbait, and I fall for them every time. I get hyped to see what is coming next, or maybe there is new info: Nope, just a fake-out.

Just type in SIMS 5 Trailer into Youtube, and you can see a whole slew of them. There is a desire from fans for the new SIMS 5 and they capitalize on it. This is just a little rant. I know they are ultimately harmless. However, my little heart can’t take it anymore. Just release the damn game!

In my opinion, the company is in a bit of a problem. SIMS 4 is such a huge moneymaker, with all these packs adding up to well over hundreds of dollars. It’s become a cash cow at the point for EA. Would they risk it by releasing SIMS 5? It is long overdue, but I guess I’ll wait as patiently as possible and avoid all clickbait of SIMS 5 on youtube.

Let me know what you guys think!

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