When I first started making SIMS 4 CC. It was a bit confusing on what to learn first and the cadence. Here are my tutorials (so far) and the recommended order to do them in and why. I will put upcoming tutorials here too.



Tutorial: How to Recolor SIMS 4 Clothing
Why: This will help you get familiar with using Sims4Studio and connecting the game to it. It was frustrating for me to get the settings right on it. Get that frustration out of the way first.


Tutorial: Beginner Tutorial on How to Create SIMS 4 CC Mesh in Marvelous Designer
Why: Learn how to use the 3D program Marvelous Designer to create clothing. It is a specialized tool; we will only go over the basics to create simple clothing. This part is tricky because it is unlike sewing in real life.


Tutorial: How to Create SIMS 4 CC Clothing
Why: This goes through a very simplified process of creating clothing. You will learn how to use the 3D program Blender, which takes time to learn. This will be the most challenging part but the most satisfying!


Tutorial: Intermediate SIMS 4 CC clothing Tutorial – LODs & minifying meshes
Why: As you may notice, the game reads the packages in a specific way. We will go into LODs (level of distance) and what that means for your custom cc in the creation process. Also, we will look at how to reduce the size of your package by reducing the poly count.


Tutorial: Adding custom 3D objects in Blender – Buttons
Why: By now, you should feel more comfortable using Blender. We will now kick it up a notch. When you try adding buttons or other details in Marvelous designer, you may notice that it suddenly increases the number of faces. Your file is massive, and ultimately that means your package will be. That’s not the greatest. To overcome that problem, you must create those details in Blender. Here I will look at buttons as they are the most common clothing item detail.


This first section covers the basics of creating the mesh of the clothing cc. Honestly, I’ve gone through everything, and I know they’re probably more than I left out. This second section will cover texture. So far, it’s just plain clothing. We haven’t gone over how to make it shiny, add shadows, add transparency, etc. Here I will go over it from easiest to most difficult to do. Please look forward to it!

  • Shiny/Specular Fabric
  • Shadows
  • Normal Maps (Creating Texture)
  • Transparency

I would also highly suggest checking out Sim4Studio Master Tutorial list here. They cover more than I possibly could, and they can help you troubleshoot.

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