Fashion is about discovery.¬†Seekers of Fashion is a clothing brand directory where you can find new brands to love. I love fashion and wanted to create my own directory, although I am not an expert. I am still excited about sharing my work. I’m always working to improve and hope to bring you on a journey you will enjoy.¬†

I also write about fashion, beauty, the SIMS, and whatever interests me. It’s a place for me to let loose and have fun, writing about whatever without pressure.


You can search through brands quickly and easily using granular filters. I love to organize and will try my best to make the search fun.


I’m still learning and love to connect with you, from requests and feedback, to whatever is on your mind. Connect with me via the contact page or through social media.


Thank you for visiting and supporting me. It means a lot to me to give back to the fashion/beauty community, which gave me so much joy.

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