Why Custom Content Matters in the SIMS game

The SIMS has truly become a top life simulation game. One can live out another entire life in the game. SIMS has become a personable game to many. Living out your fantasy, trying out wacky things, and interacting with other SIMS that you create or haven’t. There is so much to do in the game. […]

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Sims Top List

My Top 10 SIMMERS on Youtube

Watching others play SIMS is an enjoyable pastime for me. The SIMS community is amazing, and the YouTubers make it more fun! Here my 10 ten list SIMMERS, in no particular order who I love. James Turner The dad of SIMS! He is the originator of the Random Packs Generator that so many Simmers […]

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Sims Tips & Tricks Top List

SIMS Build Challenges List

There is a little interior designer or architect inside of us! I love watching and trying myself the myriad of SIMS build challenges out there. Stretch that creative muscle and start building. Build Challenges Recreation – There are creative simmers who create scary accurate recreation of famous places! It can be the castles in Disney […]

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Sims Tips & Tricks Uncategorised

SIMS CAS Challenges

Create a Sim (CAS), is one of the best parts of The Sims. Creating one is always fun, and creative! I watch a lot of these challenges and thought I would compile a list of CAS Challenges you can do! Chance I classified these challenges are chance, as some choices are out of your control. […]

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Sims Tips & Tricks

Maxis Match vs Alpha CC

You may have heard this terms being floated around, and went like huh? It’s simple, Maxis or Maxis Match means the CC is trying to stay in the style of the SIMS (Hence the name Maxis which is the company). While Alpha tends to aim to be realistic. It can be best seen in CC […]

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Beauty Tips & Tricks

Number 1 advice: Wear Sunscreen!

If there is one advice that I can give to people regarding health and beauty is this: Wear sunscreen! It is honestly the best thing you can do for your skin. What happens if you don’t wear sunscreen There is an infamous picture of a truck driver with over 20 years of driving in the […]

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Beauty Tips & Tricks

Difference between Blackheads and Sebaceous Filaments

What you thought were blackheads on your face (usually on the t-zone) may be actually sebaceous filaments. Due to marketing and lack of knowledge this is a common misconception. Difference between blackheads and sebaceous filaments How they look like Blackheads are well, one black, and two, are much more harder. When they “pop” out they […]

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Most iconic female outfits

These are some of my favorite iconic outfits worn. I remember when I saw these outfits, the scene, the environment, the music… they all struck me instantly. Marilyn Monroe’s White Dress Marilyn Monroe’s iconic wore a white dress in the 1955 film “The Seven Year Itch.” Type in google image search Marilyn Monroe and this […]

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Types of Eyelids

I’ve seen a mixture of combining eyelid shapes and eye shapes, which is useful but I like to keep them seperate for my own personal knowledge. Here are some general terms of different eye types of eyelids. Monolids The is the usual eyelids found among the east asian population. A monolid eyelid does not have […]

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