Why Custom Content Matters in the SIMS game

The SIMS has truly become a top life simulation game. One can live out another entire life in the game. SIMS has become a personable game to many. Living out…

My Top 10 SIMMERS on Youtube

Watching others play SIMS is an enjoyable pastime for me. The SIMS community is amazing, and the YouTubers make it more fun! Here my 10 ten list SIMMERS, in no…

SIMS Build Challenges List

There is a little interior designer or architect inside of us! I love watching and trying myself the myriad of SIMS build challenges out there. Stretch that creative muscle and…

SIMS CAS Challenges

Create a Sim (CAS), is one of the best parts of The Sims. Creating one is always fun, and creative! I watch a lot of these challenges and thought I…

Maxis Match vs Alpha CC

You may have heard this terms being floated around, and went like huh? It's simple, Maxis or Maxis Match means the CC is trying to stay in the style of…

IPL laser removal products on Instagram: They’re the same

On Instagram, I started to notice ads for at-home hair laser removal products. I thought I was seeing double! I kept seeing the same product but with different brand names.…

10 Unwritten rules of the girl code

There are some rules you just know being a girl, here are some I learnt and experience in my life and I hope they help you too! Have some menstruation…

My experience of Waxing vs Laser vs Electrolysis

My constant battle with hair removal has been ongoing throughout my life. I have tried many ways to get rid of it permanently, and I’m still not finished. I’m so…

Most creative eyebrows

It never stops amazing me the creativity of people, they do things that I can never think about. Here are some of the most creative eyebrows! If you know a…

What is your undertone?

What is the undertone? The undertone is the underlying colour that determines your skin complexion.  There are three general agree upon undertones: CoolWarmNeutral There is a fourth one that is…

Plastic Surgery TV shows for you to watch and binge

Plastic Surgery fascinates me and is a guilty pleasure to watch the transformations of people. Below is a list of my top 5 TV shows that revolve around Plastic Surgery.…

YouTube channels about fashion/sewing you must check out!

I love YouTube, and it’s honestly like a rabbit hole. Where you can all in and be lost in the void that is YouTube. Here are a few of my…

Here is where I put my random thoughts about fashion, beauty, and SIMS.



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