Clio Peppiatt

Clio Peppiatt Clio Peppiatt
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Accessories, Bags, Clothing

Clio Peppiatt launched her eponymous label in 2015.

In a few years, the London-based brand has become internationally recognised for it’s reinvention of traditional craftsmanship and playful, subversive femininity.

Born in Paris, Clio Peppiatt grew up in a home surrounded by art and artists. Her fascination with artisanal craftsmanship began at a young age after being taught to embroider by her grandmother. Her great-grandmother was a lace maker specializing in women’s gloves.

The desire to reinvent these traditional skills lies at the heart of Clio Peppiatt’s vision. Focusing on hand-beading and hand-embroidery, stemming from the designer’s original drawings, Clio Peppiatt empowers a new generation of women whilst partnering with the communities that rely on these skills.

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