Lichi Lichi Lichi
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Accessories, Clothing, Intimates, Swimwear

Lichi is a fashion brand that unites a team of committed professionals and an enormous community of girls who are in love with fashion.

The Lichi design studio is based in Germany, the very heart of Europe. The brand is committed to designing and producing dozens of new garments and accessories inspired by the latest trends every single week.

The Lichi girl adores high fashion and loves our take on the latest in-vogue trends expressed in our fashionable yet functional clothing and bound to elevate every girl’s wardrobe.

Popular on social media, we are all about bringing fashion inspirations and styling tips to you every day, always making sure to provide different ideas to satisfy your stylish cravings.

Our unique technology is geared towards quality manufacturing that allows us to reduce the production to a couple of weeks from drafting a design to admiring the final product, which is why Lichi collections always offer a distinct freshness.

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